How can companies capitalize on the opportunities of software-defined vehicles


How can companies capitalize on the opportunities of software-defined vehicles?

Ed Dawood, Sales Director, UST Germany

UST’s cloud infrastructure and operations solutions offer the technical expertise and strategies to modernize infrastructure to support software-defined vehicle solutions.

Ed Dawood, Sales Director, UST Germany

Ed Dawood, Sales Director, UST Germany

Dozens of microprocessors running 100 million lines of code feature in cars today. A staggering figure but true. It shows how data and software have become integral to automotive development and will only get more complex.

The software defines even sensor alerts when tire pressure or oil levels are low. In the past, apart from routine or preventative maintenance to keep the vehicle in good shape, there would be no significant improvements in the car's functionality. With cars and consumer behavior changing, that has changed as well. Data and software now determine all advanced functionalities, like navigation, vibration levels, safety, and digital experience. They also pave the way for continuous improvement of vehicles throughout their usage with upgrades to the system.

Thanks to technology and software, automobiles now retain more value because they can be enhanced regularly long after the original purchase date. Even used cars are more expensive, upending the notion that new cars immediately lose their value when driving them off the lot.

This is similar to the periodic over-the-air (OTA) updates pushed to our smartphones with improved or net-new features and functions, security patches, and software enhancements.

One article highlights the importance of OTA upgrades as software-defined vehicles continue to rise. As software is now the key competitive advantage, the ability to update once delivered systems, applications, and services remotely is a game-changer. Automotive companies that want to stay relevant in the future can't afford to miss the opportunity. An indication of things to come, it points out opportunities for automotive manufacturers and industry vendors. For companies still mulling over the risks, here are a few things to consider.

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Make sure your IT infrastructure is cloud-based
Many long-standing companies still grapple with cloud transformation. The lag may come from justifying the capital investments and choosing the right platform to the lack of the right skillsets to lead a digital transformation effort. UST's cloud infrastructure and operations solutions offer the technical expertise and strategies to modernize infrastructure to support software-defined vehicle solutions. Cloud is imperative for OTA software updates.

Transform your software engineering processes
Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes are critical to providing a steady stream of innovative automotive industry software solutions. Whether you need to finetune your DevOps processes or implement a framework, procedures, and policies from scratch, you will get help from the UST PACE platform. Built on an industry-standard, cloud-native microservices architecture, it can be deployed as individual modules or an end-to-end solution. With services like UST PACE Forensics, our software engineering experts can assess the current state of your application development ecosystem and provide a roadmap to improve software delivery. UST PACE Forensic engagements have delivered clients as much as 40-60% efficiency improvements.

Reimagine your innovation pipeline

If your R&D division is rooted in long-established processes designing solutions for traditional vehicles, then perhaps it’s time to revamp your innovation pipeline with cutting-edge approaches to design and development. The UST Innovation Assurance methodology and a team of experts can help you reimagine your R&D processes with an empathy-first approach. The team considers the needs and wants of car buyers, fleet management companies, and OEM manufacturers to help design automotive industry software and next-generation vehicle solutions that meet the needs of next-gen vehicle buyers.

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Many mission-critical tasks that require a human presence can be automated. An automated system could be integrated into a secure network, performing sensitive tasks without direct supervision. UST SmartOps™ has the power to eliminate the manual effort by 80% and reduce the cost by 50%.

Keep security top-of-mind

Where there's software, there are hackers trying to disrupt critical systems or steal private information for illicit gains. Transform your infrastructure and operations to meet the opportunities of software-defined vehicles. Build security into every stage of your value chain-from cloud infrastructure maintenance to R&D to software delivery and the sourcing of physical parts to manufacturing and the delivery of finished vehicles.

UST’s Automotive industry experts can utilize a range of technology enablers, such as edge and cloud analytics, blockchain, and AI/ML/statistics modeling, to help you drive out security vulnerabilities. For sophisticated, automated, cloud-based managed detection and response services to boost your security posture, CyberProof, a UST company, can deliver value-driven results so you can focus on innovation and speed to market.

Make sure your company is part of the software-defined automotive revolution. Put the pieces of digital transformation in place now to capitalize on the opportunities of next-generation vehicle solutions. Get in touch with our automotive experts today.