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How about improving our customer relationships through WhatsApp?

Sandra Escudero, Head of Customer Success

In the current situation we’re all experiencing, with COVID19 stalking us and forcing us to adapt to teleworking, finding a channel to help us communicate easily with our customers is a solution in high demand right now, particularly a channel that they are all very familiar with.

Sandra Escudero

Sandra Escudero, Head of Customer Success

We often wonder how we can improve communication and responsiveness with users, asking ourselves such questions as: How can I speed up my work? How can I interact with my customers? How can I provide real-time answers to common questions from my customers? We are always looking for answers that will help us improve customer satisfaction and strengthen our commitment to our customers.

What if we use WhatsApp? It may seem somewhat complicated to manage, but some management platforms are already successfully implementing this type of integration, such as Salesforce, who announced it recently.

Integrating WhatsApp into Salesforce

What are the potential advantages of this new integration in Salesforce?

We can therefore conclude that the latest update of Salesforce opens up a great opportunity for improving relationships with our customers, improving responsiveness and expanding channels of communication, a key element in improving interaction and achieving a higher level of satisfaction that UST will surely be able to put into practice with its Salesforce customers.