Healthcare organization dramatically reduced customer issues through automated testing

Case Study

Healthcare organization dramatically reduced customer issues through automated testing

Adopting a cloud-based containerization platform powered by Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), the client could automate and deploy more releases faster than ever before.


● Serving over 160,000 patients

● 40 centers in nine states & D.C.

● Launched in 1993


Automating testing for speed and efficacy

A large US based health delivery system needed a comprehensive automation suite and roadmap to automate their 60+ critical provider portal applications. The team responsible for testing lacked resources and time for regression testing as part of regular releases. Application issues missed by testing reduced customer satisfaction and quality..


Automated solution cuts down testing time

UST introduced a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework and an automated regression suite that ensured high-priority functionalities, avoiding manual processes and increasing product quality. UST piloted the solution on the health care company’s provider portal, where its customers access real-time patient information, check claims status, enter and view authorizations, messages, and much more. UST subsequently automated 350 scenarios in less than 45 minutes, which normally took at least five hours when executed manually. It also enabled automated emails with status reports of each execution. The pilot's success was applied to all 60+ existing applications and then rolled out across all future application development efforts.


Immediate results and decreased issues

The BDD automate framework, and automated regression suite reduced test design effort by approximately 50%, incorporating new changes with reduced effort. UST estimated total effort savings to be around 85% per regression. In addition, the automate regression suite provided better reporting, including tag, feature, and steps statistics reports and failure reports with screenshots for easy debugging.


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