Global telecom company streamlined application development Accelerated delivery of IoT and big data solutions

Case Study

Global telecom company streamlined application development Accelerated delivery of IoT and big data solutions

Leading global telecom company transform the DevOps ecosystem with UST's application development expertise, IoT and big data digital services.


This multinational telecommunications company provides landline and mobile phone services, broadband internet connectivity, and subscription TV services to more than 300 million residential and enterprise customers around the globe.


Global company wanted to streamline application development to speed up time-to-market

The software engineering team develops telecom services on an in-house service platform using advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). The development platform is deployed in a private cloud, and the underlying infrastructure is distributed across different data centers and business entities worldwide. Although the company manages the service platform internally, the director of technology and technical operations needed help to improve the application development framework to increase software quality and accelerate release cycles while keeping costs in check.


DevOps experts transformed application delivery with an advanced management model

The project team assessed the client’s software engineering ecosystem to determine where processes could be streamlined, consolidated, and enhanced with CI/CD best practices. With those findings, UST application development experts applied an advanced management model and an agile development approach to improve efficiencies and code quality. The project team also provides ongoing support with application updates, releases, and maintenance for the client’s:


IoT and big data telecom product teams accelerated time to market for new solutions

The client successfully accelerated application development for its IoT and big data solutions by implementing best practices for product and service lifecycle management. The software engineering team can now develop and deploy applications much more efficiently, with less integration efforts and better diagnostic capabilities to resolve code issues faster. The long-standing, trusted partnership between the client and UST enabled the project team to deliver results quickly.


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