Global telco tapped UST to deploy virtual data center—cut costs 30%

Case study

Global telco tapped UST to deploy virtual data center - cut costs 30%

With an urgent need to address increasing data center costs as well as integration issues, UST designed and implemented a VDC to replace the company’s traditional data centers. The solution provided a private cloud environment, resolved the integration issues, and cut infrastructure costs by 30%.


This European telecommunications company provides phone services, broadband connectivity, and subscription TV services to almost 350 million customers globally. With over 100,000 employees, it generates more than €30 billion in annual revenue.


IT team struggled with infrastructure costs and integration issues

Our client operated traditional data centers to house its IT equipment. The incremental cost increases pulled money away from other more strategic customer-facing initiatives. Meanwhile, an alternative, more cost-effective infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform wasn’t feasible because the IT team had difficulty integrating third-party solutions. The company needed a partner to help them resolve the cost and integration issues.


Virtual data center resolved cost and integration challenges

The UST project team deployed a virtual data center (VDC), a robust, cost-effective IaaS platform that enables large enterprises to replace traditional data centers with private cloud environments. With VMware virtualization technologies as the foundation of the VDC, the UST project team created a self-service dashboard so the company’s IT team could efficiently manage the data center and infrastructure services. The VDC also provided seamless integrations with these third-party solutions:


Cost savings shifted to customer-facing initiatives

The new VDC reduced infrastructure costs by 30%, and the company redirected the cost savings to customer-focused business initiatives. Meanwhile, the self-service dashboard gave the IT team much more control and visibility into the company’s infrastructure and integrated third-party applications.