Case Study

Global manufacturer turned to UST to resolve SAP GATP M&A integration challenge

Automated real-time ATP inventory checks and selects the best production plant.


Founded more than 50 years ago, this American company is one of the leading technology device manufacturers in the world. As of 2020, the company employs more than 60,000 people and generates nearly $20 billion in annual revenue.


Manufacturer needed SAP GATP order promise functionality integrated into enterprise instance of Oracle ERP

After two major acquisitions, the company found itself dealing with M&A integration issues. The global manufacturer and the two acquired companies utilized different ERP systems—Oracle and two different versions of SAP. To gain synergies from the acquisitions, the company needed to migrate all three back-office systems to an enterprise-wide Oracle ERP instance. During the integration project, company realized the Oracle ERP solution couldn’t provide a specific supply chain module that would allow the company to promise products accurately and reliably to customers.Instead, SAP’s ERP application suite provided the global available to promise (GATP) functionality the manufacturer needed. The client needed help to integrate the SAP GATP module into its Oracle ERP solution. In addition, the manufacturer faced supply constraints, so the client needed the GATP module provide functionality to manage and prioritize demand for products based on customer needs and requirements.


UST provided expertise for order promise processes and SAP GATP custom development

Although UST wasn’t involved in the overall M&A integration effort, a specialized consulting team within UST had expert knowledge of the SAP GATP application. The manufacturing company brought this UST team into the project to provide process reengineering, custom design, and development services. The team also aided in project management, process, and operations consulting to integrate the SAP GATP functionality into the global Oracle ERP instance.


UST played critical role in M&A integration effort for global manufacturer

UST consulting team successfully and seamlessly integrated the SAP GATP functionality into the manufacturer’s Oracle ERP system. The functionality provides:

Optimized, automated real-time ATP inventory checks and selects the best production plant, or substitute product, to fulfill on-time orders based on consolidation calendars, transit lead times, and plant hours of operation.

Allocation management cockpit to manage SKU allocations at a global, regional, and account level based on supply constraints with the flexibility to override allocations, swap confirmations between orders, prioritize or cancel order confirmations, and publish the results in real-time to the Oracle ERP system.

Customized BOP capability that stabilizes existing order confirmations and provides reporting on BOP results. Enhanced capabilities to better manage order backlogs to give clients realistic delivery schedules to drive satisfaction.


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