Case Study

Flexible healthcare assessment solution built and deployed 50% faster than building from scratch

UST helped a leading healthcare company implement a flexible, intuitive health assessment platform for EAP clients. The company saved 90% on development costs and implemented the solution 50% faster.


With over 10,000 employees, this company offers digital solutions that connect all aspects of the healthcare journey so that providers can deliver comprehensive, personalized, affordable care leveraging analytics, research, clinical insights, and digital tools and services.


Health services company needed a partner to deploy digital health assessment platform

Working under an extremely tight timeline, the company needed to implement a digital platform to conduct standardized behavioral health assessments, including baseline metrics and treatment plans. Because different Employee Assistance Program (EAP) clients would use the assessment system, it needed to seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing applications and technology infrastructure and offer a flexible user interface (UI) that could be changed to match the branding of each EAP client.


Project team seamlessly integrated UST PACE Calibrate with the existing technology stack in four months

Within four months, the project team deployed UST PACE Calibrate, an enterprise-grade assessment and benchmarking solution that offers a no-code approach to creating and maintaining clinical health assessments. The implementation team seamlessly integrated the solution with the company’s existing EAP front-end application and other related electronic health record systems to synchronize patient data. The project team also created a reusable content library, so the company’s internal admin team can easily publish new assessments and define the branding and UI elements for the EAP. Thanks to an API-based workflow, as EAP providers conduct behavioral health evaluation sessions, the system displays a logical question sequence that quickly generates an assessment score and next-step care recommendations. The project team also set up demo functionality to accelerate the sales cycle to add new EAP clients, so sales reps can quickly create branded presentations.


The company can publish new assessments in four hours instead of several weeks

Now, the company has a single platform to publish and conduct all kinds of behavioral health assessments, surveys, and questionnaires. The admin team can create and publish new assessments in as few as four hours instead of several weeks. By deploying the UST PACE Calibrate solution instead of building an assessment platform from scratch, the company saved 90% on development costs and implemented the solution 50% faster.


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