Case Study

How a fintech company increased operational efficiency in payment processing by 65%

Redundant payment processing systems and high operational costs bogged down this financial services company. UST led a digital transformation effort to consolidate applications, modernize outdated infrastructure and reduce reliance on third-party IT vendors. The engagement boosted efficiencies by 65%, reduced costs by 45% and accelerated transaction speeds by 65%.


This Canadian financial technology (fintech) company offers innovative payment processing solutions designed to work with any core banking systems across exchanges, clearing and settlement. Founded more than five years ago, the company employs nearly 100 people and serves hundreds of banking clients.


Operational inefficiencies put fintech business at risk

With a complex, redundant footprint of IT systems across many different data centers, the company struggled with high operational costs stemming from a laundry list of issues, including:

The company wanted to streamline its application footprint, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.


Payment processing modernization put company in control of operations

The financial services company transformed its operations by modernizing its IT landscape, reducing system redundancies and decreasing points of failure—with minimal business disruptions. UST led the effort by:


Reducing costs in check processing: 45% savings

The engagement enabled the fintech company to adapt more rapidly to changing market conditions and offer its credit union customers the most innovative payment processing options. The engagement also delivered these impressive benefits: