Case Study

Experience design helps global technology company simplify application UIs

Revamped application interfaces helped this multinational company enhance user experiences, boosting employee productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing costs.


With roots dating back to the 1800s, this European multinational company is a leader in electrification and automation solutions across a range of industries, including utilities, transportation, and infrastructure. Ranked on the Fortune Global 500 list, the company employs more than 100,000 people and generates annual revenue of approximately $30 billion.


Needed to redesign application interfaces to enhance user experiences

Many of the company’s software solutions had complex user interfaces (UIs) that created cumbersome experiences, slowed new user training, and increased human errors to track, schedule, and monitor production actions. Company leaders wanted to redesign several of the UIs to streamline the user experience, accelerate training cycles, and decrease user errors.


Experience design-led approach helps reduce complexities

With an emphasis on human-machine interactions, UST Evolve’s experience design group helped the company redesign application interfaces to simplify complex processes, enhance data management, and provide at-a-glance visuals. Here are the interface improvements:


Simplified UIs to improve productivity and reduce costs

By redesigning several of the company’s application interfaces, employees are more efficient and productive. The real-time data and predictive maintenance features help the company reduce unexpected equipment downtime and improve production output, reducing costs and improving profitability. With the new robotic arm training interface, employees are proficient in about 15 minutes rather than a few days.