European Bank Partnered with UST to Implement Efficient BPM Automation Platform

Case Study

European bank partnered with UST to implement efficient BPM automation platform

UST anticipates the bank’s developers will be 15% more productive.


As one of the largest financial institutions in Europe, this company provides nearly three million customers with banking, savings, investment, pension, and insurance services. The company has a transaction volume of approximately €100,000 million and employs approximately 5,000 people.


Bank needed reference architecture for business process automation platform

The bank was struggling with manual processes across its organization. To become more efficient, the company’s leadership team decided to implement a digital transformation strategy to replace the manual processes with automations. The IT department selected Auraportal, a leading business process management (BPM) automation solution, and Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation vendor, to create low-code VPN-based automations. However, the company had three different third-party consulting teams working on automation independently. With no oversight or collaboration among the development teams, they weren’t using a common architecture to build the automations, which led to maintenance issues. They also weren’t using the accelerators and modules from Auraportal and Automation Anywhere to speed development cycles. If left unchecked, the bank would eventually have a quagmire of conflicting automations that would prevent scalability and slow growth.


When the IT leadership team realized that the siloed development efforts of the three consulting groups were creating maintenance and scalability issues, the bank partnered with UST to provide guidance and oversight. UST’s consulting team proposed a three-pronged approach to address the situation. In phase one, UST would design a new BPM architecture platform on which all of the automations would be developed. UST also recommended the bank switch from Automation Anywhere to UiPath because it better fits the needs of the project. In phase two, UST and the bank’s project teams would review the catalog of processes to be developed on the new platform. UST would train the bank’s development teams to create the automations following common governance policies, accelerators, and modules. By phase three, the bank’s project team of developers will be up and running self-sufficiently, and UST will be available for support as needed.


Automation maintenance expected to be 30% more efficient and development productivity expected to increase 15%

UST successfully delivered an automation platform with a common reference architecture and governance policies for controlled automation development. Once the bank’s project team is fully trained on the new platform and is using the common accelerators and modals, UST anticipates the bank’s developers will be 15% more productive. UST also expects the bank can maintain the automations 30% more efficiently.


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