How a large beverage manufacturer improved promotion management

Case Study

Enabling data-driven decision-making

How a large beverage manufacturer improved promotion management.


Using data to drive ROI for promotional activities

A large beverage manufacturer was having issues driving value for their trade promotions. They turned to UST to help them leverage machine learning to predict demand and optimize promotional spend.


Enriching the effectiveness of promotional spend

Our client was struggling with analyzing and optimizing their trade promotions. Even though they were increasing their promotional spend, our client was not benefitting from a corresponding increase in incremental revenue. Decisions on promotional activities were being made without data to support them. Our client needed a value-driving solution that would enable them to quantify the ROI of historical and future promotions.


Harnessing the possibilities of machine learning

We developed a custom Bayesian machine learning model that predicted demand based on key business factors such as price, promotion, seasonality, payday week, competitive factors, and more. Customized dashboards were developed to demonstrate the ROI of historical and future promotions. The team developed and deployed a custom TPM application with surrounding processes and roles to optimize promotional spend and maximize margins while maintaining target volume requirements. Our client was finally able to harness the proper analytics to make data-driven decisions.


Leveraging data to predict demand

Our work enabled our client to successfully leverage machine learning to predict demand. Their new machine learning model has allowed them to make better decisions based on historical data and future trends.


A preview of our toolbox

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