Australian Bank Digitak Transformation

Case Study

Embracing the agile mindset

How a leading Australian Bank transformed their customer experience.


Creating an Agile organization

A large investment bank looking to enter digital retail banking space partnered with UST to differentiate its banking services - and soon realized the impact of agile transformation.


Breaking down silos to create organizational change

Our client had traditionally been slow with releasing new services, primarily due to complexities around regulations and compliance. Waiting months for approvals meant that they missed opportunities and ran the risk of launching outdated products. Looking to launch a mobile banking app, our client needed UST to lead change from within and increase their time to market, while minimizing risk and overcoming internal silos.


A nimble approach to agile transformation

As our client’s agile transformation leader, we recognized that launching a next-gen banking app began with an internal reset. We began with a cultural transformation that optimized their team structure and brought cross-functional groups together. For the first time in their history, teams including Technology, Business, Legal, Compliance and Risk were united with a common vision.

Our banking and digital roadmaps touched thousands of people across multiple divisions. We reinforced the agile operating model with visionary coaches and customized trainings. We created nimble, innovative approaches that brought technical delivery teams together, building agile practices and improving operational efficiency.


Innovating the customer experience from the inside, out

The digital transformation journey enabled our client to transform their digital banking services and adapt to customer and market feedback in real-time.

In order to accelerate time to market, our execution embraced the MVP approach, allowing our client to enroll customers in their Beta program to receive feedback and iterate quickly. Rollout and delivery lifecycle was accelerated with Continuous deployment, Test Automation and the use of Open source tools like Cassandra and Spark. API Data layers were created between legacy and core banking platforms to streamline data exchanges and build new services.

The accelerated mobile app launch resulted in a dramatic increase in our client’s customer base within one year and drove enhanced operational efficiency.


A glimpse into our toolbox

With the right team having access to the right tools and industry knowledge it is possible to achieve great things. Learn more about the expertise and resources that helped us achieve success on this project.

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