Case Study

Embracing enterprise agility

How a leading mobile network operator in Spain transformed its business processes by adopting agility.


Springboard to agile transformation

A leading mobile network operator in Spain was struggling to keep its IT department within budget. They partnered with UST to enable agile transformation in order to decrease costs and improve user satisfaction.


Building systems to drive impact

When we began our engagement, our client’s budget was usually depleted within the first few months of the year. There was no system of prioritization for IT projects. It was critical for us to build a process that would allow our client to prioritize projects and to align them to their strategic objectives.


Creating new agile models

We worked with our client to develop a prioritization model and a governance process that defined the value of a project. Next, we created the structure required to connect company-level priorities with those of the IT department by aligning them to common objectives and clear value propositions.


Holistic agile transformation of IT operations

Currently, all IT developments for our client’s business areas are carried out under this new model. IT requests are granted according to their business value. They are agreed upon by a cross-functional group of representatives from Marketing, Customer Experience, Risks, Strategy and Finance, which guarantees that the model is accepted across the organization.


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