Case Study

Driving Customer Satisfaction through Hyper Personalized Insights

How one of the world’s largest financial services companies reconnected with its investors


Achieving customer-centricity

An American financial services company was struggling with delivering customized solutions to fit the needs of their investors. Our hyper-personalized insights and solutions helped them shift to a customer-focused strategy, enabling them to better connect with and engage their customers.


Understanding customer motivations

Our client found themselves unable to connect to their investors on a meaningful level. They lacked insights about their customer’s financial wants and needs. Our team was tasked with proving that emotional need states often drove what looked like rational, data-driven financial investment decisions.


A customized approach to financial planning

We conducted rigorous research to fully understand the entire spectrum of our clients’ customer base. We created 13 detailed customer journeys in which we identified key life events, dilemmas and major financial receptivity moments. We then uncovered their investors’ unarticulated needs across different life stages, including funding education, mid-life transition and retirement.


A strategic shift

Our client saw a notable impact after they shifted from an advisory-driven to an investor-centric strategy. They successfully reframed their value propositions and communications as a result of our insights. Now, they are better able to engage not just current customers, but also new generations of investors. Our client is consistently innovating and reaffirming themselves as leaders in the Americas financial sector after over four years of close partnership with our team.


A peek into our toolbox

With the right team having access to the right tools and industry knowledge it is possible to achieve great things. Learn more about the expertise and resources that helped us achieve success on this project.

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