Case Study

Digital healthcare company bolsters cybersecurity and reduces risks by 65%

An automated cybersecurity assessment helped the company’s CISO proactively identify 380 security vulnerabilities, and following UST’s thorough mitigation plan, the company boosted its security posture by 65%.


Founded a decade ago, this healthcare IT company streamlines complex processes and connects disparate systems across the insurance industry. The privately held company employs several dozen people.


CISO wanted cybersecurity expertise to help conduct security and privacy assessment

Data security and privacy are paramount in the highly sensitive world of healthcare insurance. Any data breaches could be catastrophic for the company, providers, and patients. With that in mind, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) wanted to proactively identify potential vulnerabilities by conducting a comprehensive cybersecurity and HIPPA compliance assessment of its cloud infrastructure and data repositories.


Assessment analyzed more than 4,000 cloud resources to identify potential security risks

UST helped the security team analyze the security posture and HIPPA compliance of the company’s cloud infrastructure and data repositories using Skyhigh Security’s Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). The collaborative project team analyzed 4,000 AWS resources and 20 Bitbucket repositories in just three weeks. The assessment uncovered 380 issues, with 55 classified as critical and 20 deemed high risk. UST prepared a comprehensive report outlining the findings, along with a mitigation plan to resolve the issues in accordance with HIPAA regulations.


Improved cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance by 65%

The digital healthcare company reduced the risks of data breaches and HIPAA violations by 65%. The CISO gained data-driven insights about the company’s security posture and vulnerabilities, so he and his team can make informed decisions to bolster cybersecurity and healthcare policy compliance.