Case Study

Data migration, security, policy compliance, and the accelerated journey to the cloud

UST delivered a comprehensive cloud foundation repairing the broken mess the previous consulting firm had left behind.


A federation of 35 separate United States health insurance companies that provide health insurance in the United States to more than 106 million people.


Archaic, rigid infrastructure and a failed partnership

One of the largest healthcare providers in the US was struggling with their migration to the cloud. The client lacked the technical expertise of public cloud, needed new applications developed, and had an expensive, unbelievably slow, and inelastic infrastructure. To complicate matters even further one of the Big Four consulting firms failed to make progress after 18 months of working with the client and leaving behind an immensely broken environment.


Maintaining compliance while improving productivity

UST delivered a comprehensive cloud foundation repairing the broken mess the previous consulting firm had left behind. Their new infrastructure worked with all of their legacy applications. UST developed new applications where necessary while simultaneously providing training to the CIO, the Senior Director of Transformation, and their software engineers on best practices for future development. UST provided CI/CD capabilities for applications and infrastructure as code, including automated security scans which allowed the client to circumvent many potential security issues and maintain compliance before going live.

UST ran a pilot for the client to ensure that their interfaces worked with all third-party systems and that data could be accurately ingested into their network, processed, and distributed to other providers. The client was also able to utilize the work UST accomplished and commercialize it for their partners.


Seamless Integration, exemplary performance, faster time to value

Partnering with UST increased reliability, security, and agility, all while reducing business expenses and complexity. UST’s expertise enabled unapparelled performance allowing the client to revolutionize their workflows and demystify the cloud.

The results are


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