Cloud-based UPM solution helped healthcare IT company reach 78% test automation coverage

Case study

Cloud-based UPM solution helped healthcare IT company reach 78% test automation coverage

Expert development team rapidly deployed greenfield unified provider management solution; streamlined processes reduced development costs by 20% and monthly work effort by 30%.


With decades of experience, this healthcare industry IT services and consulting firm helps hospitals, providers, and other related organizations streamline operations, processes, and systems to improve financial, clinical, and compliance outcomes. The company employs several thousand people.


Needed expertise to build a unified provider management solution from scratch

The client was embarking on a greenfield project to design, build, and deploy a unified provider management (UPM) solution to efficiently manage provider profiles across the company's clinical, financial, and operational systems. To ensure the new platform would be scalable, secure, and easily configurable with low up-front infrastructure costs, the company needed an application development partner with deep healthcare industry experience.


Designed and implemented a cloud-based, efficient, cost-effective UPM solution

UST designed a scalable, cloud-based UPM platform to consolidate, manage, customize, and securely share over 50 million provider data records across the company's core IT systems. The UST project team also migrated the company’s on-premises data warehouse to the cloud to eliminate the on-premises infrastructure costs and reduce the total cost of ownership. To comply with healthcare data privacy regulations, the project team followed a carefully-scripted extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to gather, validate, and integrate information from various internal and external data sources in accordance with Health Level Seven global standards. The team also used Mirth Connect, a healthcare-specific data integration engine, to manage the bi-directional flow of healthcare and provider information. To automate Mirth channels, the team deployed the Talend ETL tool to accelerate the validation of millions of data records with 99% accuracy and reduce regression testing costs. The development team followed DevOps and CI/CD best practices to eliminate production environment downtime during the project.


Delivered greenfield UPM project that exceeded client’s goals with rapid user adoption

Once the UPM solution was in place, the company achieved these results:

Technical achievements: