Breaking away from incrementalism and embracing the Fintech ecosystem

Will McDonald, Banking Sector Director, UST UK

The good news is that it has never been easier to cast off sunk cost shackles by inflating future-oriented technologies and business platforms using fintech ecosystem participants.

Will McDonald, Banking Sector Director, UST UK

Technology and Commercial professional with 20 years of experience helping large enterprises drive change and transform their businesses. Will has worked in Asia, Europe, and North America and has held senior client-facing and leadership roles. He possesses extensive experience in Banking, Insurance, and Capital Markets.

The banking industry has reached a consensus on the direction of its digital transformation initiatives. Most agree that onboarding should be frictionless, customer experiences should be personalized and enriched, and analysis and action against data are crucial. They also agree that these initiatives should be supported by technology and cost structures that allow for competitive unit economics.

However, where the thinking diverges is how quickly banks should achieve these goals. Many have implemented incremental transformation programs, which often extend far into the future due to the complexity of their technology legacy, invested capital, or assessment of competitive market conditions.

Banks must break from incrementalism and embrace accelerated digital transformation programs because the competitive landscape has rapidly changed. Long-term incremental change programmes may not be sufficient in today's fast-paced digital era. Banks must embrace a more comprehensive and transformative approach to keep up. Existing transformation programs may already deal with obsolescence by the time they are completed.

The good news is that it has never been easier to cast off sunk cost shackles by inflating future-oriented technologies and business platforms using fintech ecosystem participants. Purpose-built solutions can be reliably deployed quickly, and the ROI for taking this approach is easy to define.

Emergent fintech platforms, mostly SaaS-based, have overcome the challenges of being too new, cloudy, risky, or non-compliant to be adopted by major banks. Many major banks have already put these into production, supporting major product lines. These Fintech platforms bring incredible productivity, time-to-market, and cost advantages that were not previously possible.

By embracing this next wave of cloud-native fintech technologies into their change programs, Banks can stay competitive, attract, and retain customers, or unlock new revenue streams. They will allow them to bring innovative products and services to market much more quickly, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Digital banking transformation refers to adopting technologies and strategies to modernize operations and meet customers' evolving needs. It involves leveraging technological advancements such as mobile banking, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive innovation in banking services.

Statistics showcase the importance of Digital Banking Transformation:

The benefits of embracing the Fintech Ecosystem and end-to-end componentised digitisation are:


Where UST can help:

At UST, our role is to enable accelerated access to the best of the fintech ecosystem for our clients. While we have a good pulse on the emergent market participants, we understand that each customer has unique preferences or circumstances shaping their technology roadmap. Flexibility to choose, add, or replace components is crucial, and the days of walled gardens and proprietary systems are gone.

Recently, we launched UST FinX, our solution to help our clients orchestrate leading market technologies into rapid product launches or expedited transformations. We continue to add to our over 500 pre-built banking components, including digital experiences, microservices, and integrations. With them, our clients are unlocking much greater time to market at much lower commercial entry points.

Accelerating digital banking transformation is imperative for banks to thrive in today's fast-paced digital landscape. By breaking away from incrementalism and embracing comprehensive digital strategies, banks can unlock numerous benefits, such as improved customer experiences, streamlined operations, and competitive advantages. While challenges exist, successful examples of banks leading the way demonstrate that with the right mindset, technology adoption, and organizational commitment, banks can navigate the complexities and realize the full potential of digital banking transformation.

Whether it's a speedboat, sidecar, or legacy transformation, there is an opportunity to re-examine the time horizons and potential barriers. It's time to break away from incrementalism and accelerate digital banking transformations.

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