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Digital Experience as a differentiator in a crowded market

Being the 83rd bank to enter the Indian banking landscape, IDFC Bank needed a digital strategy that could differentiate it by concentrating on the customer experience. As their digital experience partner, Moonraft designed and delivered the ‘Unbank' experience which ensures that interacting with the bank feels like talking to a childhood friend. An experience so intuitive, it feels like the bank knows exactly what you want.

“Moonraft not only understood design but also thoroughly understood technology, and it is the marriage of these two things that makes them stand out.”

-Abhay Johorey, Chief Digital Officer, IDFC Bank


Breaking through the clutter in a crowded digital banking ecosystem

As a late entrant into the crowded digital banking ecosystem in India, IDFC Bank had a difficult task of differentiating and standing out from the crowd if they wanted to capture the attention of modern banking customers. In addition, banking experiences were considered to be formal and boring, resulting in less engagement and feedback from digital banking users.


Differentiating through digital experiences

Digitally native consumers consider traditional banking experiences to be formal and boring. What if the banking experience could be fun, similar to interacting with a trusted friend? By leveraging insights from comprehensive user research and leveraging the power of marketing technology, we were able to provide a dynamic and personalized web experience. An experience that feels as if the bank knows exactly what the user needs.

Early on in the journey, IDFC Bank and Moonraft decided that the only way to differentiate was through an exceptional and highly personalized customer experience. This led to the evolution of the ‘Unbank’ philosophy-a banking experience that does not feel formal and transactional, and completely unlike any other bank.

The core philosophy behind 'Unbank' centers around thorough customer understanding, leading to the suggestion of financial solutions. These curated solutions address the exact need of the customer relevant to their stage of life or career. It is as if the bank knows exactly what is in the customer's mind and suggests accordingly. This is in stark contrast to the other banks who generally tend to push their products to customers without really understanding if there is an actual need.


An intuitive, delightful user experience

Simplified customer journeys and personalized, intuitive digital experiences resulted in the ‘Unbank’ experience driving higher customer engagement and transactions across digital channels. The refreshing brand identity and creative brand icons.

IDFC Digital Banking Dashboard 1

IDFC Digital Banking Dashboard 2

Recognized as the only Indian bank in the global list of '20 Visually Stunning Website Designs From Banks & Credit Unions' by The Financial Brand.


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