Case Study

The power of automation: How UST's single click biller update solution improved customer experiences

A global media company struggled with slow and error-prone customer care. Cross referencing account numbers took agents 30 minutes due to a clunky legacy UI, manual processes and multiple vendor applications. UST's solution automated and streamlined the process to a single-click digital update, slashing update time by 90%.


Founded several decades ago, this company has evolved to become one of the largest media technology companies in the world. By offering broadband and mobile services as well as entertainment services, such as streaming and gaming, the company generates nearly $120 billion in annual revenue.


Inefficiency at the core: Legacy UI hampered biller account updates

The company faced a critical challenge in its customer care operations. Updating core account information for customers was complex and time-consuming. Agents relied on a cumbersome, outdated UI, manual interventions and multiple vendor applications, leading to:


Transforming customer and employee experiences through automation

UST implemented a full-stack solution to automate biller account updates and streamline customer care operations. Here's what we delivered:


Efficiency boost: 90% faster biller account updates

UST's solution streamlined customer support operations, delivering these significant benefits: