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Case Study

Automated data consolidation solution facilitates large-scale grocery retail merger

End-to-end automated ecosystem with maximum data configurability


Our client is a Fortune 100 retailer executing one of the largest mergers in the history of grocery retail, involving more than 1,000 stores across 15 divisions.


Incompatible data, slow manual processes, system complexities

When our client first engaged with UST they were dealing with several challenges related to data consolidation throughout the merger process. Datasets were incompatible and came in varied source and target data formats. Manual and multi-level processes required significant IT investment and created longer data conversion cycles. The client’s manual processes were time consuming and error prone, often requiring iterative and repeated work. They were in need of a more scalable, agile solution that could resolve design complexities and operate efficiently.


End-to-end automated ecosystem with maximum data configurability

UST has deep knowledge of retail IT and business processes; drawing from this expertise, an end-to-end, automated ecosystem was built to standardize incoming data formats, automate product conversions, enhance data quality, and ultimately expedite current and future mergers.

Rigorous program controls, estimations, roadmaps, reviews, automation standards, risk mitigation, and recovery mechanisms were required to orchestrate an initiative of this magnitude. Given the project’s complexity, solution design was a top priority. UST worked with the client to maintain a focus on speed of execution without ever compromising quality.

The solution itself provides extensive data configurability using ETL and open stack strategies to solve complex scenarios and achieve 99% data accuracy. It includes multiple user interfaces that allow businesses to augment incoming data, map different types of items, and review the conversion process.


New solution accelerates performance and saves client more than $1 million

Our client’s new solution created a repeatable data process that worked for any new merger with a new data source. This reduced organizational disruption while also accelerating conversion and speed to market. As a result, our client experienced a 25% improvement in data quality, $200,000 in annual IT cost savings, and 50% savings in IT costs specifically related to new conversions. The project was completed in eight weeks according to its originally planned schedule and continues to maintain 100% schedule adherence. Since the new solution was implemented, our client has seen 34% overall organizational cost savings amounting to more than $1 million.


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