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Automated compliance framework enhances client security posture and improves the cloud user experience

UST’s solution enhanced our client’s security posture and significantly decreased their risk of misconfiguration.


Our client is a leading worldwide provider of specialized software solutions that serve customers in over 180 countries, operates in over 40 countries, and employs more than 19,000 people worldwide.


Increased cloud presence presents gaps in security management

Our client’s large global presence requires an equally large cloud footprint. While the cloud has enhanced their organizational agility, it has also presented security challenges as workload migration and the likelihood of resource misconfiguration increase concurrently. To address the challenge, our client sought an automated framework to ensure compliance and security requirements are being met in real-time. Top client priorities included continuous compliance monitoring, seamless reporting, and security automation on the cloud. Ultimately, our client aimed to bring uniformity to their methods and standards and improve their overall security posture.


Optimizing security and compliance with automation

UST partnered with the client to implement an automated compliance module from our Cloud Manager platform, which eliminated tedious manual processes and allowed cloud architects to invest more time on strategic risk mitigation. In the module, security and compliance policies are implemented as code. Discovered resources are evaluated against these policies to assess compliance, and auto fix capabilities allow for automatic responses to violations. The module also provides a clear, simplified view of compliance and assesses infrastructure against security best practices and internal policies, ensuring adherence across accounts.

The module optimizes security through automation. Policy violations cannot be closed manually; each one must be fixed at the source and marked as closed during the next automated scan. Along with this continuous monitoring, the module provides details on all security breaches on a single dashboard for clearer and more comprehensive compliance analysis and enhanced ability to identify trends.


Lower risk, better compliance, enhanced security posture

UST’s solution enhanced our client’s security posture and significantly decreased their risk of misconfiguration. Specifically, it has increased tagging compliance by 100%, ensured that 99% of policy violations are met in real-time, and made 100% of mandatory agents available and running on VMs. The compliance module had multi-benefit impacts including reduced security violations, better cloud user experience, and improved organizational security posture.


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