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Case study

AI-based vision intelligence solution helped convenience store chain save $13.7 million

After struggling with stockouts and overstock situations, this convenience store chain partnered with UST to implement a vision intelligence solution using IP cameras, continuous shelf monitoring, and automated low-stock notifications. The company saved millions in operational costs and increased store profitability by 20%.


As one of Central America's largest convenience store chains, this retailer operates more than 10,000 locations. The business is valued at nearly $1 billion.


Long list of inventory issues dragged down profits and customer satisfaction

The company's operations manager, supply chain director, and managers in each of the 10,000 stores struggled with a series of inventory and operational issues that negatively impacted profitability and customer satisfaction. The challenges were:


Robust vision intelligence solution provided insight to transform inventory management processes

UST implemented our vision intelligence solution to help the company improve its inventory management and operational processes. The solution included:


Optimized inventory management generated millions in savings

The data-driven solution resolved the convenience store chain’s inventory issues and helped the company achieve these impressive results:


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