Case Study

After replacing a struggling MPE radiation testing vendor, UST completed the project on time and reduced resources by 25%

After the original vendor bungled a time-sensitive MPE testing project, UST helped this American wireless provider get back on track. By using automated testing tools, the project used 25% fewer resources, and the company launched its new network on time.


This American multinational telecommunications company was founded several decades ago. Today, it’s one of the largest wireless providers in the world, serves more than 200 million customers, and generates nearly $125 billion in annual revenue.


Needed to replace an incompetent MPE testing vendor

Because of the potential harmful effects radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) can have on human health, governments worldwide have implemented strict regulations outlining safe levels of RF-EMF exposure. One of the safety measurements is maximum permissible emissions (MPE). Our client had just three months to conduct an MPE study and other related tests on more than 1,000 cellular sites, such as cell towers, base stations, and antennas, across the central region of the United States—to keep a major network deployment project on track. After the original MPE testing vendor squandered valuable time and resources, the company scrambled to find a competent vendor who could complete the tests on time.


Completed MPE testing project on time with 25% fewer resources

The global telecom company tapped UST to take over the project. Our team of highly skilled wireless telecommunications experts quickly evaluated the situation, recommended an efficient testing plan, and completed the project on time. Our proprietary MPE test automation tool (mRFSafe) streamlined the project, reducing resource needs by 25%, while boosting data collection accuracy and accelerating report generation by 30-35%.


Launched new network site on time

After the MPE radiation testing was complete, the telecom company launched its new network on time and within budget, which helped the company maintain its top-notch customer service, market presence, and reputation.