Case Study

Adopting Enterprise Agility

How a global provider of business decisioning data and analytics solutions fostered a collaborative approach through digital data engineering?


Facilitate data transformation

Our customer is a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics solutions. Customer was evaluating service providers with product offerings to accelerate their sandbox studio environment to enable their end customers to collaborate, create insights, merge 3rd party data for their own model production. UST helped them with the solution to utilize the potential of data platform.


Changing the old ways

The solution needed to work with their existing Spark cluster powered by Databricks. Specific focus was on leveraging user-friendly drag and drop capabilities to enhance Data Scientist productivity and enable Business Analysts persona users to realize more use cases and accelerate revenue.


Technology empowered custom made solution for digital data transformation

UST Data Platform – Workflows was adopted as the low-code Spark based data preparation and AI/ML modeling solution powering the customer’s sandbox environment With Workflows’ native integration with Databricks and its prebuilt toolkit of 300+ processer nodes, we built a comprehensive UI portal, delivering an end to end framework enabling end customers to identify a qualified list of prospects within the analytical sandbox customers’ Data Engineers were able to design an application using Workflows Visual designer to enable modelers to combine traditional credit/fraud detection techniques with advanced Machine Learning models. Workflows was used to execute smart entity matching functionality enabling new user functionality


Extensive transformation through data engineering

Workflows prebuilt processer nodes enabled productivity for all 3 key target personas.

Data Scientist: Drove productivity by reducing data preparation and simple model build efforts.

Business Analysts: Enabled business analysts who understood analytics but were not proficient coders to unlock new use cases
Data Engineers: Drove productivity when doing data evaluations, ETL processes for model deployment into production, and managing diagnostic analyses with simple easy drag and drop UI capabilities, powered by UST Data Platform - Workflows


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