Case Study

A digital makeover for the hospitality industry

A revamped digital experience, enabling a hotel chain to increase online conversions


Experience 'Tajness' digitally

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is one of Asia’s premier luxury chain of hotels, comprising 165 hotels across 80 locations globally. Their website is used by travelers globally to browse, explore and book hotel rooms, holiday packages and related hospitality offerings across multiple brands and partners. While the brand caters to multiple segments in the market, it is unanimously associated with impeccable service quality across all categories and brands. Moonraft partnered with the brand on their digital revamp journey, with the primary focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive digital experience to ensure greater engagement and faster conversions.



Increasing engagement and conversions for the modern traveler

The travel & hospitality industry has undergone an exponential shift towards digital consumption. Brands need to be on top of their digital game to ensure customer acquisition and loyalty. Taj Hotels needed a web experience that amalgamated an informational as well as a quick-to-buy commerce site. There was a strong need to enhance their digital experience in order to stave off competition, elevate user engagement, and also increase digital conversions.


Capturing the essence of physical hospitality through digital

The entire experience was designed to reflect the culture of ‘Tajness.’ digitally. Our revamped design resulted in a digital experience that was as seamless and intuitive as their physical hospitality experience. We built the site on the latest Adobe Experience Manager platform to ensure that compelling content and experiences could be easily delivered. It was also seamlessly integrated with their SynXis booking engine so that the user could complete the entire booking transaction on the website itself, eliminating third-party redirections. This led to reduced transaction times as well as a drop in friction caused by breaks in customer attention when transferred to third-party sites.


A seamless digital browsing and booking experience

Integration of the SynXis booking engine with the Adobe Experience Manager platform resulted in a seamless on-page booking experience, which drove reduced dropout rates and increased digital revenues.



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