Power a Digital Agility Transformation Strategy


8 Value -Sustaining Principles to Power a Digital Agility Transformation Strategy

Ming Gong, VP Digital Agility Platform Solutions

In response to these blockers, we’ve adopted a set of key principles for designing transformation programs that can rapidly learn and adapt, cultivate a culture of embracing change, and sustain the energy/momentum necessary to ensure significant value realization.

Ming Gong, VP Digital Agility Platform Solutions

Today’s business environment is significantly more challenging than ever before. To compete through COVID and other rapidly evolving geopolitical trends, companies with limited resources need to cultivate digital agility to seize new opportunities and simply survive. Industry forecasts project massive annual spending ($400B - $600B) on cloud transformation, legacy modernization, cloud-native development and Agile/DevOps transformation for 2021 and beyond. We’re seeing evidence of this on the ground as our enterprise customers continue to increase digital transformation efforts at a double-digit pace.

Large transformation efforts often fail or under-deliver due to many possible factors such as:

The Digital Agility Transformation Manifesto

These eight principles power the self-sustaining flywheel of transformation. once it gets moving, these new practices become self-perpetuating and continue to deliver value regardless of rapid shifts in the business environment. Like the Agile manifesto, these principles don’t advocate for one approach over another but instead highlight the relative importance between the two. To illustrate:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Digital Agility Transformation Manifesto and our approach to enabling value-driven legacy modernizations and digital transformation programs, watch our presentation.