Boundless Partnership

T-Mobile Digital Commerce Domain (DCD) partnered with UST to develop ‘the heart’ of, transforming its business - and nailing its customer experience.
Because Nicholas engaged a partner that aces the essentials, Anand can focus on building a slick customer experience, Mary gets her hands on the latest device within minutes of launch, and Glen has the confidence to act on his ambitions.
Explore the ripple effect through their perspectives.
Strategy, Implementation & Operations

When it comes to technology partners, not all are created equal. Partnering with UST on its Digital Commerce Domain (DCD) has given T-Mobile the confidence to level up on a new blueprint for innovation across the business. The ripple effect is growing.

By reducing downtime and distraction across the board and driving a continuous increase in speed, scale and resilience, T-Mobile is getting ahead of customer expectations. A well-functioning DCD improves stability, reliability and performance across the commerce journey. It frees up T-Mobile’s developers to focus on writing innovative code. And it builds confidence among internal stakeholders.

It’s this kind of smooth operation that makes T-Mobile clearly stand out as the carrier of choice. The website never falls over despite peak demand, and orders are processed faster and more reliably than competitors.

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