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Nourish + Bloom Market has grasped the future of grocery shopping with both hands. Through its partnership with UST, the store is bringing people and technology together to deliver a truly frictionless omnichannel experience. The ripple effect is spreading to the community and beyond.
The film
Film transcription
00:06 - 00:09
It started with just a simple idea.
00:14 - 00:28
I said, I think we could do something amazing here. I think we could provide this community with healthy food they can feel good about.
00:29 - 00:35
We're like, wow. If we can do it, this is the future.
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I'm Jilea Hemmings.
And I am Jamie Hemmings.
We are the co-founders of Nourish and Bloom Market. A market and bistro providing affordable food in a convenient way, through the use of autonomous technology. I think we are the most technically advanced grocery store out there right now.
00:59 - 01:10
Our store, it has this warm feeling. Because of that, people are willing to try the technology. When we came to the town of Trilith, we saw that something was missing.
01:10 - 01:13
We were in this beautiful space that truly was a food desert.
01:14 - 01:15
We saw that they needed a grocery store.
01:17 - 01:35
With our children, we wanted them to eat healthy, we wanted them to have access to good food, but there was nothing in the area. Jabari... he sees the world truly full of possibility. He has autism. He is our inspiration for, I think, everything we've ever done.
01:35 - 01:46
He doesn't see limits. It just gives us inspiration. But it wasn't about just us and our family, it was about what are we able now to do for the community?
01:46 - 01:49
We wanted to bring something that will change the future.
01:51 - 02:12
Nourish and Bloom... their core mission is to provide food in these food deserts. UST is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community. We actively find ways to use our product engineering experience to enhance the overall scope of the human experience.
02:12 - 02:16
UST created a frictionless solution for our customers.
02:16 - 02:19
What frictionless means is that they don't have to fumble for their payment.
02:19 - 02:26
You just go inside, pick up an item, there's no waiting in line, walk right on out. And that's it. You're done.
02:26 - 02:33
Everything is weighted. There are cameras that make sure what you're picking up and walking out with you're being billed accurately for.
02:34 - 02:41
It's been a blessing for us. There's nothing intimidating about shopping here. It's very easy. There's always someone to help you.
02:41 - 02:45
It just works. It doesn't require preparation or training. It just makes sense.
02:45 - 02:53
We have older people coming in bragging about how they live in The Jetsons now. Friends will meet up here. It's really just become like the neighborhood spot.
02:54 - 03:01
We've seen a lot of pride around the community. The impact to our vendors has been tremendous. They love how seamless it is.
03:01 - 03:12
At Alo Farms, we believe we're really at this intersection between community and agriculture. What’s really, really cool about working with Nourish and Bloom is seeing that other side of technology coming together.
03:13 - 03:21
UST's core is all about boundless impact. What is going to be the most impactful? What is going to have a ripple effect?
03:21 - 03:34
As a busy professional, I saw their vision to bring good food to the community within a matter of minutes. And I went... that's amazing.
03:34 - 03:40
It's more than just about dollars and cents. It's about human interaction and bringing dreams to life.
03:41 - 03:48
That last mile of delivery is so important. You can put all those pieces together and feed the world.
03:49 - 03:58
From a farm that's harvested in a city delivered to your door by a robot. I mean, that's a story that I don't think is being told anywhere else.
03:58 - 04:08
Nourish and Bloom is a seamless integration of humanity reaching out and interacting with technology. Technology in life should flow.
04:08 - 04:14
The technology allows me to create more recipes, to be very creative. It's so amazing to be a part of.
04:14 - 04:28
I think a lot of people have a misconceived notion of what technology means to their life. Coming into a store like ours, it's completely opposite. They see this amazing autonomous grocery store with a Cheers feel, where everybody knows your name.
04:28 - 04:45
UST treated us from the beginning as a partner. Like a team member. We were all not afraid to say, that sounds crazy, but let's at least try. UST was really the nucleus, the backbone. They took our dream, and through product engineering brought it to life.
04:45 - 04:52
UST… we're not just a tech company. You come to us with your idea and we're going to help you to make it real.
04:52 - 05:00
Our goal is to have a thousand Nourish and Blooms across the nation in the next 10 years. Help out these communities that don't have access.
05:00 - 05:10
There's so many other people, so many other communities that can benefit. Where there's scientific advancement, there's progress. For Nourish and Bloom, this is just the first step of many.
05:11 - 05:17
All of these things that we wanted to put into the store all work together to make people's lives better.
05:17 - 05:24
The store... it can help like everyone. Like everyone, basically.
the story
39.5 million people in the US have no easy access to healthy, affordable food. What happens when a community embraces technology to solve this very human challenge?
Residents of Trilith, GA, are finding out. At the heart of the community, Nourish + Bloom Market is the first autonomous grocery store with robotic delivery in the United States. The store, which launched in February 2022, aims to provide 24/7/365 access to healthy food, while ensuring the experience is easy and enjoyable for the whole community.
Led by the insight that 87% of in-store consumers prefer touchless or self-checkout options, N+B runs on frictionless technology that allows customers to grab their items and pay without waiting in line. And if they can’t make it to the store, the market’s two robots, Nourish and Bloom, deliver directly to their door or desk.
of in-store consumers prefer touchless or self-checkout options
We are confident that this technology will change how customers shop in the next three to five years.
Jilea Hemmings
Founder, Nourish + Bloom Market
Nourish + Bloom Market partnered with UST to provide an end-to-end technology solution and management for a hybrid frictionless check-out. There’s a lot going on in the background, but the customer experience is simple and seamless for customers and employees.
The partnership is enhanced by UST’s ability to draw from an innovation ecosystem to architect and engineer solutions. This clever mix of technology and business strategy will enable Nourish + Bloom Market to deploy 1,000 stores in the US.
Welcome to the future of grocery shopping.
the people

Jamie Hemmings

Founder, Nourish + Bloom Market
The store has this warm feeling. Because of that, people are willing to try the technology.

Jilea Hemmings

Founder, Nourish + Bloom Market
We’ve seen a lot of pride around the community. Our vendors love how seamless it is.

Alec Brown

Co-owner and General Manager, Alo Farms
From a farm that’s harvested in a city, to your door, by a robot. That’s a story I don’t think is being told anywhere else.
The technology
How we helped Nourish + Bloom Market bring people and technology together to deliver a truly frictionless omnichannel experience
Nourish + Bloom Market is the first autonomous grocery store with robotic delivery in the United States. The store aims to provide 24/7/365 access to healthy food, while ensuring the experience is easy and enjoyable for the whole community.
In partnership with Nourish + Bloom Market, UST customized a complete e-commerce application to make the customer journey smooth, frictionless and meaningful.
We created a seamless customer experience with smart shelves, vision checkout and store and shelf analytics. With 99.9% accuracy, these detect and measure customer and product movement to determine what was taken and use vision AI to confirm it.
On the backend, we research and fit all vendors’ hardware and coordinate quality insurance and testing to ensure products are up to the high standard our customers demand.
Our software enables remote-operated robots, Daxbots, to transport products in a temperature-controlled compartment and deliver them to customers within a three-mile radius of the store.
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How technology is enhancing the human experience at Nourish + Bloom Market

Jilea Hemmings
Co-Founder, Nourish + Bloom Market
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