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Boots UK and UST partnered to create Single View of the Customer, transforming the pharmacy brand’s marketing and customer experience at a stroke.
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Boots UK has a number of brands and a corresponding, diverse set of customer-facing systems: Boots The Chemist, Boots Opticians, Boots Hearing Care, Online, Stores, Contact Centre, Boots Advantage Card Loyalty.
More than 100 legacy systems held around 130 million customer records. That’s more than three times the adult population of the UK, which may sound impressive – until you realize there was no easy way to pull together all the data across the platforms. 
Boots UK worked with UST to create Single View of the Customer (SVoC), collating these records into 60 million composite records or “golden views” of the customer. With all the vital information at their fingertips, Boots UK teams can now provide a more joined-up customer experience and more targeted, effective marketing.
And that was just the start. With the need to meet GDPR in 2020, it became clear that Boots UK lacked a single, company-wide marketing consent for customers. Customers were asked for their preferences in every different channel, and their choices were an inconsistent jumble of consents across systems. This led to customers being inappropriately marketed to, customer complaints and even Data Protection Officer investigations. There was often a lack of joined-up thinking in how a Boots customer was considered digitally.
With the latest release of the solution, all customer consents across all systems were migrated into SVoC against the customer golden views. The wording presented to customers to obtain their marketing preferences became centrally managed and distributed out to customer interaction points.
Boots UK can now market to customers with confidence that it is working on the latest consent; with the knowledge that customers can provide their consent in just one place, and that it will be consistently used across the group. On the rare occasions that complaints arise, Boots UK has the evidence to know what happened and to be confident in its actions. 
Boots UK now has 1.9 billion data items captured and understood for marketing purposes and can run customer interactions against this data in half the speed it used to.
The result? Happy customers, relaxed data owners and a satisfied regulator.
1.9 billion
data items captured and understood for marketing purposes
130 million
customer records, brought together into
60 million
golden views
Because Richard turned a treasure-trove of data into a joined-up experience with the customer at its center, Jennifer can design better-targeted marketing campaigns, Joanna has easy access to the offers she truly needs, and Phoebe can recommend products that make life better for patients like John.

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Boots UK cio

Boundless connection

Building an experience with customers at its heart
Richard’s team inherited over 100 legacy platforms which, together, held around 130 million customer records. Joining the dots between those disparate records quickly became a source of frustration.
Partnering with UST to index customer journeys across touchpoints through Single View of the Customer has enabled Richard to orchestrate a truly omnichannel, customer-focused value proposition. Every activity is built around the customer, not individual products or channels. now builds according to each customer’s needs, consents, and journey on and offline. As a result, the average basket value per customer has increased.
We now offer customers a pre-emptive, joined-up journey across channels. This gives us a foundation from which to modernise and overtake the competition.
Richard Corbridge
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Director of IT - Customer and Category

Boundless precision

Designing better-targeted communications
Jen is a natural fit for her job because she has an affinity for Boots’ UK customers and the systems that serve them. When she joined, she was quick to realise that the business was relying on imprecise demographic segmentation data to understand the audience’s needs and behaviors. 
Jen had the tough job of overseeing siloed IT and marketing teams dedicated to different Boots UK brands. She was responsible for sending out millions of generic emails, with limited return and increasing complaints from customers who might not have consented to be marketed to. She knew things had to change.
And change they did, with Single View of the Customer. Now, Jen works with her marketing colleagues to design targeted email campaigns that consider each customer’s history, preferences and consents across the entire Boots UK offering. It’s no surprise to her that open rates have risen sharply as a result.
We can really put the customer first now, tailoring our communications to you - not just people like you.
Jennifer Duffy
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Pharmacy and healthcare professional

Boundless care

Tailoring offerings for a personal touch
Anyone who has visited a Boots UK The Chemist will know that its pharmacists are a dedicated bunch, driven by the desire to recommend products that make life better for patients
For trust and privacy reasons, Boots UK The Chemist has not historically had access to loyalty card data. Single View of the Customer allows Phoebe to see what patients have previously bought and searched in order to tailor their offerings around specific conditions or life stages. 
Now, if a patient asks for a drug with known side effects, Phoebe can make them aware of creams, vitamins and treatments that will help, and even refer them for supporting therapies. During the pandemic, this meant her pharmacy came into its own as a hub for community healthcare.
The pharmacy is getting closer to providing personalized healthcare than ever before.
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retail customer

Boundless support

Staying loyal through all life stages
Joanna signed up for her first Advantage Card aged 15. She’s 35 now and pregnant with her second child. Her personal and family needs have changed over the years, but Boots UK always seems to know what she needs.
From a skin assessment and recommendations to manage hormonal changes to her skin, to baby bottles and vitamin supplements, Boots UK has become Joanna’s go-to for everything. She really appreciates the tailored offers and knows Boots UK respects the privacy preferences she has set online.
Juggling work and a toddler in a pandemic, it was reassuring to know I could get everything I needed in one place and I didn’t have to search too hard.
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Pharmacy patient

Boundless trust

On first-name terms
John has a complex long-term condition, which means he’s on first-name terms with his local Boots UK pharmacist. When he developed hip pain while visiting a relative in another town, he was nervous about going to a new pharmacy.
But Phoebe quickly assessed John’s needs, arranged his prescription and recommended some medicine for side effects. Because John was away from his usual support network, she referred him to a virtual pain clinic and physiotherapy session.
I don’t like having to explain my condition over and over again; Boots made me feel very looked after.
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